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Don’t miss us December 16th at Federal Bar for Mimosa Sundays with Gary Calamar!  
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Check out the full article on “It seems that by default experimentation should be synonymous with indie music, as artists strive to find novel ways at approaching the sonic medium for listeners to enjoy. So it should seem as no surprise that it was only a matter of time before someone thought to arrange...
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We are so excited to release our WRECKAGE EP, featuring “From the Snow-Tipped Hills,” written for the chorus by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, and “Wreckage,” written for TSLC by A.C. Newman of The New Pornographers. Listen now on Soundcloud! Also available on iTunes and Amazon.
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Check out the full article on LA Weekly Blog “The Silver Lake Chorus formed in the winter of 2010 through word of mouth, flyers (“can you or anyone you know sing tenor?”) and Facebook. Auditions pared 60 hopeful singers down to a choir of 25 young men and women, many of whom had previous choral...
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Check out the full article on Consequence of Sound. “When listening to The Silver Lake Chorus’ “From the Snow Tipped Hills”, one cannot help but think of Bon Iver. Maybe it’s the wilderness’ comforting solitude of the song’s namesake, or it could be the hushed fragility in the vocal timbre that argues in favor of the idea that...
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Read the full article at “The chorus, made up of a ragtag bunch of 20-odd twentysomethings (and a few 30-plus geezers), has a cult following in L.A. and is known for its indie playlist and sophisticated a cappella arrangements. The group’s members are cute and unabashed (they call their performances joy mongering), and although amateurs,...
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“Just when you thought GLEE had taken choirs as far on the cool scale as possible, a group of predominantly Eastsiders is taking choral music to an entirely new level with The Silver Lake Chorus. With a stable of cover tunes and original alt rock songs in its repertoire, this vocally gifted line-up of hipsters...